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Siang Guest House Extends Your Holidays In Sabah

 Long Pasia Homestay

At the border meeting point of Sabah, Sarawak and Indonesia Kalimantan are two villages of Sabah indigenious people whose forefathers were fearful head hunters. Today they are among the most religious native tribes... Read more

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Muaya - Sipitang

Siang Homestay




祥 民 宿 距 离 市 中 心 仅 三 公 里. 离 飞 机 场 — 公 里. 民 宿 外 有 公 车 候 车 亭. 乘 巴 士 车 前 往 市 中 心 即 方 便 又 便 宜. 车 资RM1. 每 小 时 有 两 辆 车经 返.

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RM60-RM150 客房/1 晚.

全 部 房 间 均 有 安 装 冷 气空 调

客 房 价 目

来至 远 方 的 客 人-

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The Car Ferry. You pay RM5 per trip. You can walk around the deck and have a beautiful view of Labuan Bay.


Labuan 纳闽岛lbnmap1The Drinker Paradise

How to get there

The only Free Port in Sabah, Malaysia, since the British Colonial era. Labuan originally belonged to Brunei. It was also the only Strait Settlement under the British rule in Sabah. The other Strait Settlements were Singapore,... ......more >>..


Rent A Car In Labuan

SGH encourages you to rent a car in Labuan. For RM70 a day you have a car at the Ferry or Airport Terminal waiting for you. You just leave your car at the Terminal on your way out. This way you already save RM30 Taxi fares for the pick up and send off. The remaining RM40 is for you to drive around the Island. Where on earth can you find such a deal, except in LABUAN!.

Economy Car Rental in Labuan

Call Mr. Kevin Wong Tel: 0138517007 or

Mr. Kenny Tan Tel : 0198821388