Labuan Long Stay

Labuan is a beautiful island. However, even though this is a small island, you must still take your time and explore the island at a leisure pace. The best way to get around is to drive yourself or better still cycling around. The island has very good roads with shaded trees that cover almost the entire island. If you are on cycling tour, you will need to stay for at least 3 nights inorder to explore the Island fully at a leisure pace. In between your explorations, enjoy the free port advantages of the island. The beer and wine is among the cheapest in the world. So don't go home without even treating yourself to a good bottle of wine.

Life in Labuan goes at half pace, so keep to that rhythm and opt for a LONG STAY programme and enjoy yourself fully on this beautiful island.

For those who opts for a longer stay (minimum 30 days), we give a 20% discount on the daily rate with the following Terms & Conditions:

(1) Must stay a minimum of 30 days.

(2) Monthly Rate must be fully paid in advance upon check in.

(3) For Long stay guests who check out earlier (Less than 30 days), No partial refund will be given back.

(4) The same room will be kept for the guest for the whole period.

(5) Long Stay Guests will enjoy the same convinences as do our other guests.



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