Useful Informations

How to Get There.

From Kota Kinabalu -

By road, 99 km to Beaufort and then another 35 km to Sipitang. From Sipitang, take the new highway to Tenom. At KM 34, take the detour gravel road. Long Miau is about 90 KM from here and 4KM further down the road is Kampong Long Pasia.

1. Take the KK-Sipitang bus from the Bus Stop opposites KK Hight Cout Building.

2. On arrival in Sipitang. Take your lunch at Hap Guan Coffee Shop and arrange for your 4WD trip to L. Pasia - ask the coffee shop owner for assistace.


Long Miau - A newly built hostel with full facilities is ready for business.

Long Pasia - Homestay programme available.

Trekking - Jungle Camp available with Homestay taking care of full board meals.


Long Pasia

The Land of The Lundayu and Murut

The Long Pasia Highland


130 KM from Sipitang Town, right at the border meeting point of Sabah, Sarawak and Indonesia Kalimantan are two villages of the Sabah indigenous people, the Murut in Kampong Long Miau with about 20 households and the Lundayeh (similar tribes probably) of Kampong Long Pasia, 4KM away, with about 60 houses. At Long Pasia is the convergence point of two rivers, the Sungei Matang and the Sungei Sia. They combine to form the source of the Padas River, the Ulu Padas, which is also the biggest river in the west coast of Sabah, Malaysia. About 5 hours trekking is Gunung Muruk Miau, at 6834 feet, it is the highest peak at the boarder. The Giant Rock Table, the group of giant Agathis trees, the Crocodile Mount and the Serpent Mount were ancient monuments where people celebrated their victory in tribal battle. All these are within the reach of one or two day jungle trekking and camping activity. Long Pasia has very good homestay programme with abount 20 participating homes. Over the years, many nature lovers have visited this area and utilised the homestay. The people are deeply religious and belong to the SIB church (Sidang Injil Borneo), formerly known as the Borneo Evangelical Mission.

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